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Le Manoir de Lorient

The rooms

A unique style, combining French and Caribbean influences, gives the property its singular charm, tastefully balanced between relaxed simplicity and sophisticated details.

The floors of the rooms and the furniture in the bathrooms are of waxed concrete, echoing the minimalism of the walls and the white woodwork, while a few elements of raw wood evoke the natural surroundings and ebony-coloured furniture elements bring a note of modernity.

In the garden, natural materials are favoured, blending in with the luxuriance of the natural environment. Teak terraces and paths, subtly patinated by the tropical sun, wooden furniture and fabrics in natural materials such as linen, a rope hammock suspended between two mango trees near the swimming pool…


Opening onto the terrace, set on a huge polished concrete platform and communicating directly with the indoor kitchen, a spacious two-part living room welcomes guests to the main house.

Here, the walls and framework take on soft shades of green and grey to create an attenuated contrast with the exterior.

One end of the room has the feel of a study due to its library shelves filled with books and its armchairs inviting you to sit, relax and read.

The main part of the living room faces the terrace and the garden. Three sofas and two armchairs surround a coffee table, and the subtle illumination of several floor lamps create a cosy and intimate ambiance after dark.

Here again, nature and culture create a harmonious dialogue through minimalist décor. Contemporary works of art in bright colours grace the library end of the room and a collection of round pieces of driftwood hangs on the large wall of the main living room space.

Above the library, a large furnished mezzanine offers yet a third ambiance with its large blue tapestry and an attic that is like a snugly inviting cabin nestled amidst the tropical trees.


At the end of this large space dedicated to relaxation is a kitchen open to the living room and separated from it by a large and inviting table.

With an abundance of low storage to leave the upper part airy and barely disturbed by a beautiful shelf, it fits seamlessly into this gorgeous living room. Golden wood for the facades and a white worktop create a style that is both warm and contemporary, being in perfect harmony with the rest of the villa.

Equipped in accordance with high-end standards (wine cellar, steam oven, espresso machine, cooking range), it will fulfil the requirements of the most demanding guests and is a space where everything from the simplest snacks to the most elaborate dinners can be prepared.


On the other side of the wall is a terrace sheltered by an awning. It has a twin kitchen adorned with stainless steel facades, allowing the subtle integration of a large barbecue.

In front of a large window opening onto the terrace, the two sinks of the indoor and outdoor kitchens face and mirror each other, underlining the impression of symmetry between the two spaces.

The generously sized wooden table, framed by chairs and armchairs in light cane, can accommodate up to fourteen guests, providing a suitable option for memorable gatherings of family or friends.


Between the bungalows of the bedrooms and the large living room, the majestic swimming pool forms the alluring centrepiece of the property. Thanks to a choice of a hammock suspended between mango trees, the ajoupa, deck chairs, and outdoor armchairs, everyone can find their ideal comfortable spot beside the refreshing water of this elegant pool.


From the terrace, a small teak path leads through the dappled shade of palm leaves to an independent bungalow. It houses a large, comfortable U-shaped sofa facing a flat screen TV surrounded by shelves of books and comics.

It’s a place separated from the rest of the property, capable of taking on the function you wish it to have. It can be a cinema, reading room, games space, music corner... Whatever you desire.